Winter Weather in South Texas - Things to Do

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Winter in South Texas - What to Do

We normally avoid harsh winters here in South Texas, however, it doesn't hurt to be prepared when we do have a stronger winter season.

Things to do:

Bring your potted plants indoors, or cover or protect the ones outside.  

Let your water have a slow drip.

Wrap your outdoor faucets, sprinkler systems, etc.

Make sure your fireplace has been checked and you have firewood.  

Keep candles on hand, water & canned goods in case you lose power.

Bring your pets indoors.  

Check on your neighbors and loved ones.  There may be someone you can help.

Have copies of an electric bill available in case you lose power.  

Let others know you are okay.


There are people who are willing to provide these services for you if you are not in the area.  Feel Free to reach out to us Brenda J. Andrew 361-688-7064 or James Andrew 361-249-2876.  We will be happy to help direct you to someone, or check on your property for you!


Stay safe & keep warm.